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the details and wait until i tell you what is happening all around new england. >> and you said, this storm is serious business for people living in new england. state law enforcement agencies in massachusetts are preparing for the worse. this was the scene at massachusetts emergency management headquarters earlier today. police and other law-enforcement people want people off the road. there are many in the region that were part of the mad rush to travel back from new england. tom? >> it was going better for some than others. there were people rushing to get out of new england who we talked to. if you look behind me at reagan these planes probably will take off and the next 24 hours, but chances are they will not be going to the boston or new york area because already hundreds of flights are canceled for tomorrow. >> it was crazy. >> we caught up with a resident right after she landed on one of the last flight to reagan out of logan airport. >> i believe there was one at 6:00. and then i think that was it. >> she flew down to visit a friend in .d.c. >> i was lucky there only two seats left
york, boston or somewhere else in new england. our storm watch forecast starts right now. >> live and in hd, this is abc 7 breaking news. >> the snow is falling in new england. this coming in from massachusetts. it is coming down, as you can see, and there is a lot more to come. >> the intense wind also causing problems. this is video from cape cod it just a short time ago. they have encouraged some residents there to evacuate, and the storm is responsible for about 350,000 power outages. we begin with storm watch, as we are covering every angle since the snow -- so-called snomageddon that hit here three years ago. >> we will go to boston in a few minutes, and we will monitor the impact on travel in our region but first, let's check in with richard reeve in our newsroom. it will be a serious situation for days to come. >> this is the kind of snowfall that people are dealing with. you cannot even see. it is being called a monster storm. they are declaring states of emergency. some areas are completely shut down. across the northeast, snowplows are walking -- are waging a bitter bat
corridor up into new england. they've had 6 inches of snow in parts of maine and this snow will be prolific, 2 feet be maybe more than that across parts of new england. for us, temperature in the 30s to low 40s. and 1.6 inches rain down in leeville. once that line of showers moves through, you may see a break or two in the overcast. temperatures not going to get much warmer into the lower 40s butt winds are going to be picking up big time tonight. i'll be back in a few minutes and we'll talk about what can you expect for the rest of your weekend. back to you. >> thank you. >>> the storm is canceling travel plans for residents in new england. united airlines canceled 2,000 flights nationwide. we have a report from rag and national airport. >> reporter: about a dozen flights to new york have been canceled, eight so far to boston. all though are in the afternoon. word is as of noon today, logan airport in boston shut down. however, folks heading to new england able to score an early morning flight were lucky. >> i was here last night to get my flight out. >> reporter: kathy white is boston-bou
at noon. >> snow has already started falling in new england, where folks are bracing for a storm of historic proportions. from new york to boston, states could be in for several feet of snow. good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. while we may not end up buried in snow, we may not be completely out of the woods. >> this morning we had some rain, mixed precipitation north d west of us. all that is moving on, at least temporarily. this is the satellite image first. i will show you two things here. break in the clouds, south of maryland and in the ocean. now add the rain to this thing and you will see that the reins of mood -- rains have moved to the eatern shore. we are still seeing two parts of this storm. rainy part for the baltimore metro area is over for the time being. still some more stuff to come in. we will talk about details in the forecast for us and also for new england. >> as we saw with that picture of new england, boston will be one of the hardest hit areas. it is where we find jay gray. >> wind and snow is picking up and boston could see two to three feet before it is
institute >> you are watching wbal tv 11. >> how a very hard night for new england. we will have more on that. john collins is here to give us an update on our forecast. we were lucky. >> a few miles would have made a huge difference in the outcome of that storm. new england got hammered. there is still some residual snow on the backside of the storm. most of the storm is out to sea and out of the range of the u.s. radar. nova scotia is getting a lot of snow right now. we cannot reach it on the radar. you can see snow up in the state of maine. cape cod is still getting snow. 1,500 miles to the west in missouri and arkansas, oklahoma, texas, into nebraska, there is something new. it is a new storm. the entire weather pattern has shifted to make it easier for a nor'easter to develop. this storm was the leading edge of that. there could be several more this month. but it's a pattern is developing. >> a pattern for developing these things is out there. >> i do not think this storm will follow that group. at the end of the week, there is something that looks suspicious. we w
are looking at. >> i was communicating with meteorologist friends in new england and telling them i am jealous of this nor'easter. but we had our time in three years ago. we had over 30 inches of snow at dulles airport in the snowmageddon. let's talk about what's happening. here's the time lapse over arlington this morning, clouds. this is in advance of two systems that are coming together to form the nor'easter. gether yet. one of them is to our south and another to the northwest. we are seeing clouds are ready. mostly cloudy andtoday. it's 34 degrees currently in gaithersburg and it's at the freezing mark in frederick. a few snow showers in chicago today. the big problem will be new york connecticut, boston maine all of new england starting tomorrow and into saturday. i will have the snowfall forecast for them and for us, coming up. >> a popular d.c. grocery store and caterer has been shut down after health inspectors found numerous violations. everything from rats and roaches to mold and mouse droppings. more from john gonzalez. >> noncompliance with regulations pose an imminent health risk
offshore now. heading up toward eastern section, new england off nantucket. right now, it's 32 off boston. they have wet snow there. 33 in providence. new york around 33 degrees. they're getting a heavy, wet snow, this is going to bring power lines down in that region. for you, a little light band of shower activity. maybe snow flakes coming in the next hour or two. for us, generally what we're looking at are wind issues, later on late tonight through tomorrow morning. wednesday's storm wraps up. we could get wind gusts overnight into tomorrow morning. but it's been mild. still 42 degrees here. the only really cooler spots out to the west, where there may be accumulations out in the mountain areas. might see some flurry activities here. really don't expect much in the way of accumulation. the ground is pretty wet. and right now, it's pretty warm. tim has a look at the utback and the storm -- outback and this storm. >> as bob mentioned, the moisture is moving the real punch, the bulk of it is moving up new england offshore. we have been watchi
in england are now requiring all dogs to be fitted with a chip that's coded with their owner's details. >> i want this to have a positive impact. there are 110,000 dogs get lost every year or get dumped. only about half of them get back to their original owners. >> reporter: the mandate goes into effect in three years. owners who don't comply could be slapped with an $800 fine. many animal shelters in england will put the chip in for free. it's tiny, just the size of a grain of rice, and it's placed between the dog's shoulder blades. a scanner reads the chip to find the dog's owner. but animal welfare officials warn those details must be kept up to date or the chip is worthless. >> as people move and don't remind the database they've moved, it's not going to work. >> reporter: 60% of britain's eight million dogs already have microchips. >> if anything happens, you have some chance of finding him again. >> reporter: it's a painless procedure that kind up being a dog's best friend. cbs news, london. >> lawmakers in england say that the chips will remain optional for cats because they're not ou
including one played in england and several top-flight matches in the european national league. in addition another 300 suspicious matches were identified outside europe in africa, asia and south and central america. so this is match-fixing activity on a scale not seen before involving hundreds of criminals and corrupted officials and players affecting hundreds of matches and generating very large amounts of elicit profits. it is also the work of a sophisticated international crime syndicate. based in asia and working with criminal facilitators around europe. >> well, that gives you some idea of the scale we're talking about. we are joined from the bbc sports center. staggering revelations as we're hearing. what prompted this investigation, by the way? >> the sheer scale of what we heard this morning will shock football fans. fuve following this story, it perhaps won't come as a surprise, because we know you have heard bits of this before. it started in germany when referee robert highwaysya was found to be rigging games. that investigation actually went to the courts and involved european
up in new england, freezing rain right now across pennsylvania. and that's going to head up all into the areas that don't have power. we've got this winter weather -- not a big storm, but the timing for the morning commute not good. you see the pink shading, now showing the freezing rain beginning in northern jersey outside of new york city. that's heading up into new england today. everyone in new england, be careful on the roads. a coating of ice before turning to rain later today. also, oh, yeah, the blizzard's ending in the northern plains. an amazing monday. amazing week of weather. that's a look at your national forecast. here a look at the weather out your window. today in boston, at least temperatures will get warmer so a lot of the sidewalks and roads will begin to improve. the issue is that we're probably going to have up to a half an inch of rain. of course we have all that weight on the roofs. we're worried about roof collapse. word to the wise, everyone in new england, if you can get out there, clean the snow off your roofs today. the rain will soak up like a sponge
when congress goes back in session next monday. >>> so residents in coastal new england are cleaning up after yet another blast of winter weather following the big blizzard last weekend. parts of the northeast including massachusetts got up to six inches of snow on sunday. the winter snowstorm then headed north into maine, carrying with it strong, gusty winds and low visibility. with that we bring in nbc meteorologist bill karins with more on the storm plus the national forecast. i am sure you have. >> i'm done -- >> you've been working round the clock. >> some didn't see snow, but some did in north carolina and south carolina. myrtle beach even saw snow. it was the winds that were biting, so cold out there. let me show you the storm. this was just as huge and powerful as the storm the weekend before. this of just a little farther off the coast. that's why we spared areas from new york city, d.c., philly, up there, even most of connecticut didn't see heavy snow. this was primarily just extreme eastern new england. this was a huge storm. this storm was a storm with some hurricanes, maybe
, particularly with the church of england, particularly with the church and whisk, both organizations feel that we have protection fair, but the church of england says they want to see change. i give my honorable friend and lady. >> i'm grateful for giving way. in religious organizations, the secretary will note that the population is not some. what proportion of the muslim community responded ice for it or against it. not a single mosque responded by the definition of marriage. >> my honorable friend will know this is not an issue about numbers. it's about working together and to provide those protections to make sure individuals from whatever faith group can continue to be assured they can practice according to the point of debate today. >> i'm grateful for her getting right and i welcome this bill, but they should understand those who believe the church of england isn't being given the choice accorded to other states to marry same-sex couples if they so choose. besides from being forced, churches being forced not to marry them, even if some elements would like to do so. >> the honorable
at all? today, the england team were training ahead of their game with brazil on wednesday. >> let alone being part of that, i am completely shocked. i don't want to be related to anything like that. >> asian betting rings are believed to be the captains of this criminal in -- criminal industry. international criminal networks are a mishmash of global rules. the problem is becoming clear. fighting and defeating it will be much tougher. >> what will be the fallout from this investigation? i spoke with a football analyst for espn in new york. how widespread is this match fixing? how high does it go? >> we are not exactly sure how high it goes yet. sometimes these things are just the tip of the icebergs, but i think it is very, very serious. not so serious in terms of the money we are talking about, but obviously the money is colossal, but i think the bedrock of all sports is, when you look down on the field, what is happening between those white lines, do you believe it to be true? if there is any doubt is not true, you say to yourself, that football. but in the times we are talking about
, it crossed the english channel with the norman conquest of england. the normans stroyed most of the main anglo-saxon churches, replacing them with ones built in the french romanesque or, as it is known in britain, the norman style. and it would be in england that somof the most daring and original innovations were made in medieval architecture. durham cathedral, even by the standards of norman architecture in england, is a colossal building. durham cathedral was begun in 1093 on the sort of scale and grandeur common to many great norman cathedrals of england in the late 11th century. durham is a masterpiece of structure, and that makes it, in a way, a slightly ambiguous building because durham is undoubtedly a romanesque church. in fact, it is a massive romanesque building, one of the largest, but it also has gothic elements in it. in the 19th century, archaeologists defined the gothic style as having three essential characteristics-- the pointed arch, the rib vault, and the flying buttress-- and durham has got all three of these. it's got pointed arches in the nave of the building. durh
expect as it moves into england. 30 degrees at the airport. 30 downtown. national push to sports safersports for student athletes. >> players, coaches, fans, and games, all such a huge part of the high-school experience. there is the old saying. it is all fun and games until someone gets hurt. >> i get the kids that have a more prolonged problems. >> besides concussions, the doctor treats a wide range of injuries. >> there are dislocated shoulders, sprains. >> our group is calling for new guidelines for school athletic programs in order to better protect student athletes. among other initiatives it wants health providers like trainers for doctors for every school in better medically trained coaches. currently the maryland public school athletic association requires coaches take courses on the prevention and care of injuries and training in concussion management. the executive the dark -- director said the guidelines will be extremely difficult for the state to meet financially. >> there is not enough traders. if we were to mandate a trader in every school we would have to cut pro
another substantial snow in new england. >> reporter: the next target for a storm that's already made a mess, that more than 30 million people are dealing with across 20 states. jay gray nbc news, kansas city. >>> in south africa, it's looking like decision day for oscar pistorius. a judge is likely to rule if the former olympic star will be released on bail pending a trial. he's back in court after a fourth day of hearings. nbc's jim maceda joins us from london. what can we expect today? >> reporter: good morning, mara. that's right, we may learn in the coming hour if oscar pistorius, that world famous double amputee sprinter will be freed on bail or not. i may because before that happens the prosecution and defense will be making their final argument, and based on the past three or four days that could take all day. not getting bail, mara, would clearly be a blow to pistorius. he and his coach want to get back on the track. they want to prepare mentally for this trial. but also because the momentum seems to be going so much in pistorius' favor especially after yesterday's bombshell
be the worst storm in new england on record. could paralyze parts of the northeast. some are predicting up to three feet of snow? boston, and if that happens it will crush all-time records. now closing in on new york city and boston, and they're warning everyone, but essential public workers to stay at home. in new york city they're saying by this hour. airlines have already cancelled some 4,000 flights through tomorrow afternoon. scores of cities have cancelled classes. the governors of massachusetts, connecticut, rhode island, have declared states of emergency in the weak of the snow, which basically bans all travel, so no traffic in all of massachusetts, 100 days ago superstorm sandy devastated stretches of the northeast. many are stocking up on food, water, gas in case there are shortages, and there are possibilities of that. they're already warning of possible widespread powerout acknowledges, in new york city it might be ice first. we're in lower manhattan. battery park city. this is misery upon misery for superstorm sandy victims. >> certainly is. this huge snowstorm is going to hit
into new england's. -- into new england. this is why the weather service issued the winter weather advisory. this is more of a nuisance coming at a bad time. we have those cold air temperatures north of pennsylvania. the hour banks of the n.c. -- this is the warm, moist -- the outer banks of north carolina, this is the warm, moist air. as these two systems combine of the mid-atlantic coast, they become very strong. this pink-shaded area is a winter storm warning. the red there is the blizzard warning, and that is up for matra n.y. all the way up to boston. that will be the hardest hit area. there is the potential for two to 3 feet of snow in some of those locations. the storm will hit the new england coastal area. it will clear out after morning snow. watched this bull's-eye up near boston. that those of our skilled. that means over 36 potential inches in the boston area. we do get some snow here. two to four inches is a possibility. but you know we get two to 4 inches. they get two to 4 feet in new england. western maryland has a mixed tomorrow. all snow saturday. more snow. then snow show
in new england. he is asking residents to be patient as crews work to remove snow. parts of new england were buried under 3 feet of snow. as for our region, it appears likely that we could see snow in the next 48 hours. bob ryan has the first look. >> rapid weather changes, that is the nature of this week. you can see that new england did did a little bit of light rain today. for us, the winds are coming from the west. here is the next weather maker down to our south. that will become an area of low pressure, a southern schooner moving to our south. look at the temperature is right now. we are into the 50's. tomorrow, a lot of sunshine. has the area of low pressure moves our way, it will start with rain. it is looking more and more likely that will end with some wet snow. maybe even in the immediate washington area, but especially for you folks west and north. i will tell you the timing. >> we're monitoring the developing story in chicago. police have made two arrests in the murder of an honor student who was shot and killed just days after she performed at the presidential inauguration
nor'easter is blasting of the new england coast line with up to 3 feet of snow in some areas. >> airlines are canceling hundreds of flights. according to cnn, nearly 3000 u.s. flights have been cancelled for friday and saturday. airlines are offering waivers. the expected snow and wind prompted amtrak to halt service between new york and boston friday afternoon. so far, the northeast corridor south of new york is not affected. >> left in look at the forecast -- to get a look at the forecast. >> the red shaded region from coast of maine to boston down to providence and into new york city, the area there, blizzard warning. that is where the worst of the storm will be tomorrow night into saturday morning. it has two parts. one coming up from the carolinas and the midwest. they will combine. it will brush past our area. the winter weather advisory in effect for rain, sleet, and snow tomorrow morning and perhaps more snow tomorrow night. more details coming up. > >> you can track the storms anywhere you are. our own and enjoy it aps. -- try our new iphone and android apps. >> emba
:00. >> the snowplows are working overtime in new england. it is not doing much to help the frustrations of residents. between several feet of snow. people across new england are still digging out from the historic blizzard that dumped as much as 3 feet of snow. airports and train stations are trying to help people to their destinations. >> they are the sounds of a chilly clean up across new england. the work is stretching into a second day across the region. blizzard dumped more than 3 feet of snow in some areas. today a caravan of snowplows are working to clear the roads from new york to massachusetts. >> we're working hard to make sure it is functional by the morning commute. >> power crews are out in force working to restore electricity to the more than 200,000 facing another dark night. >> utilities seem to be making progress. they have some forecasts for restoring power by the end of today. in some cases, into tomorrow. >> there is hope the airports will be running at full capacity soon. the connecticut opera the airport remains closed. flights have resigned -- resumed her authority and the bos
england where they could get up to 2 feet of snow. >> already more than 4,000 flights have been canceled. nearly half of those in and out of new york. >> the storm is already being blamed for 19 car pileup in southern maine. >> we've got team coverage for you. jay gray in boston in the heart of it all. adam tuss has more on the thousands of flight cancellations. >> we begin with meteorologist veronica johnson tracking this for days. >> that's right. it will be swift and dangerous and probably shut down travel for a highly at areas of eastern new england. for us, we're on the southern tail of all this. still, we'll feel the effects with big wind. look at the advisories up for a significant amount of snow that's expected to fall in areas of eastern new england, around boston, massachusetts and connecticut and high winds as well so they've got the blizzard warning that's been posted areas of eastern massachusetts and connecticut. newark almost an inch. caldwell in new jersey, 3 inches of snowfall in yonkers just over 2 as well. in that pocket of boston and through areas of connecticut even,
england. we're looking at 6 two 12 inches roughly. expected around new york. 12 to 24 inches around approach dense, rhode island. and maybe 2 to 3 feet of snow up around boston. it's going to mean significant delays in and out of the city. and that means everywhere up and down the eastern sea board. and back into the midwest and beyond. because of the air travel delays. winds are going to pick up here. bob talked about the timing of that at 9:00 p.m. and they're going to really kick in here over the next few hours. we'll talk about that more in your complete first warning forecast. for now, back inside. >> thank you, tim. and as you said, the storm is really expected to pick up steam and hammer several northeastern states tonight. first warning weather coverage continues with marley hall reporting for wjz, from harford, connecticut. >> reporter: the icy sleet that pelted new york city this afternoon, is turning into a full-blown snowstorm this evening. by tomorrow, manhattan could be buried under a foot of snow. >> if it gets crazy, stay in. i
, graveyard of the great kings and queens of england. this is one of them, richard ii murdered, some say over 600 years ago. the inscription says here that he was tall in body and as sage as homer. it goes on to say that he laid low anyone who violated the royal prerogative. well, that last bit perhaps flatters him. one man, henry bolingbroke duke of hereford not only violated the prerogative, he dismantled it. the play "richard ii" dares to imagine what it is to have supreme power and then lose it. are you contented to resign the crown? ay. no. no. ay, for i must nothing be. this drama offers a ringside seat to one of the most scandalous and shocking moments in english royal history. "richard ii," a play about a weak, ineffective monarch who is deposed. the tragedy of the play and the theatrical dynamic of it comes from the fact that richard is the rightful king anointed by god, but he's an ineffective king. bolingbroke is not the rightful king, but he is an effective politician. jacobi: it's a brutal and forensic examination of richard's catastrophic me
in the northeast and new england battened down for a weekend blizzard today. forecasters warned it could be one for the record books. by this afternoon, the gathering storm was beginning to whiten the landscape for hundreds of miles, with long hours of snowfall still to come. fueling the fall, two low- pressure systems-- one from the midwest, the other from the southeast-- colliding over the northeast and new england. blizzard warnings were posted in seven states from new jersey on up to maine. at least three declared emergencies, and schools closed in a number of cities. forecasters predicted new england would get the worst of it with up to three feet of snow likely in boston. mayor thomas menino. >> this is a storm of major proportions. stay off the roads. stay home. let the public works crews do their job. >> brown: the region also braced for winds reaching 75 miles an hour that will pile up drifts and almost guarantee widespread power outages. as ever, the threat prompted shoppers to pack stores, stocking up on supplies. >> this is panic shopping, so bread, milk, a snow shovel in case our s
areas from new york up through new england. new york is a little on the fence. will they get rain-snow mix or all snow? they could get a foot or more but potentially a foot or more from hartford to boston and many areas in new england. here's a look at our day planner. snow lovers, i'm disappointing you telling thu is going to mainly be a rain event for us. could be a couple of showers here and there by late this afternoon but we'll see the rains pick up tonight. tonight it actually could mix with a little bit of sleet or even snow north of 70 and out toward i-81. temperatures will drugle to -- will struggle to get to 41 on with very a piece of energy here. this will strengthen a little bit. then more energy coming out of the gulf coast. the rains in alabama heading toward alan take this morning. this will -- atlanta this morning n. all all combine on the east coast and blow up north of us. temperatures in the low 20s hagerstown to frederick. it's all about timing and the timing hasn't been there us for, snow lovers. orange is 30. 32 at reagan national. highs will hold in the uppe
's record blizzard in new england. >> i heard the sirens and everything. the next thing i know, all the lights went out and went dark outside. i could hear the noise outside. in a few seconds, everything changed. >> there was still a touchdown in the south. >> i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> it was close. this morning we have some rain. rain for the drive time is not good news. let's take a look of the radar. the rain will stick around for a couple of hours. aper offe it will ti later this morning. we will make it up to 55. we will check the seven-day forecast coming up in just a few minutes. >> good morning. the rain could cause some problems. volume is still on the light side. everything so far traveling towards the white marsh area is without delay. this is southbound traffic. you can see the roads are wet. moving well in the owings mills area. the rest of the area roads -- 12 minutes on the north and west sides of the beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> the mayor will give the state of the city address this a
a lot of love shots. there are other areas in new england that are going to get it worse. take a look at where that cold air has settled in, over new england. for us our air is going to start coming out of the west. you can see that there's really not a lot of frigid central canadian air. that means some mild conditions for us for the seasonal. meteorologist tim williams will expand on that during our first warning weather segment now from the dry outside back inside. >> thank you. a powerful winter storm is getting ready to slam the northeast. carly hall has the latest for wjz from harford, connecticut. >> the first flakes started falling in new jersey around 6:00 a.m. new york city jogers and dog walkers took the friday morning flurries in stride. by tomorrow manhattan could be buried under a foot of snow. >> if it gets crazy i'll stay in. if not keep moving. >> parts of new york and new jersey that are still recovering from super storm sandy are bracing for powerful winds and storm surges. hundreds of plow trucks are ready to spread 250,000 tons of all the salt. >> people are prep
and it could prove to be a historic blizzard for parts of new england, a close call for the d.c. region, but we'll only get brushed by this massive storm. thanks for joining us tonight. i'm brian bolter. >> i'm will thomas. our neighbors to the northeast will feel the impact of that monster storm overnight. people in the path are urged to get prepared to be snowed in. many schools in new england have been closed for tomorrow. hundreds of flights have canceled. the fox 5 weather team is all over this for you. we start with sue palka with more on the effects that will be felt here at hope. >> we are getting lucky -- home. >> we are getting lucky with that one. think back three years ago to when we were dealing with back to back blizzards. that's what they're getting ready for in new england tonight. let me show you where the system is now, two pieces, a southern branch that will be a major player, but the moisture you see over chicago will also play a big part because those two pieces will get together and form one gigantic storm. the reason it won't happen for us is it will be too far north whe
more than two feet of snow in new england and this morning four deaths are blamed on that storm. >> and more than 600,000 homes and businesses are without power with the numbers expected to go up and travel disrupted from airlines to trains, really having a rippling effect across the country. amtrak has suspended service from new york to boston. >> good morning from boston where the winds let up a bit but the snow is still falling and it will continue falling. the official count at logan airport 21.4 inches. that number will increase. more than 400,000 in this state without power and more than 650,000 across new england without power. those numbers could climb as well. >> the winter storm pounding the northeast since friday continued to strengthen overnight into a fierce and relentless blizzrt. gusts up to 75 miles an hour creating blinding conditions. the projected snowfall numbers are staggering. up to three feet is expected in including boston. most of new england has been stopped in its tracks and more than 1,800 cancellations at newark airport and 4700 canceled nationwide.
in new england. alm of this after a monster nor'eastern sweeps and packing hurricane-force wind gusts and dumps two feet of snow. many people woke up to snow and couldn't open up their doors. i am uma thank you for joining us for a special from washington. we have fox team coverage . deadly blizzard that is it creating major problem. we are on the ground in boston and new york city and we'll go to maria for the fox weather center for what lies ahead now the big storm as passed a. -- >> significant snowfall in places in long island and parts of new york city and connecticut and maine. more than 30 inches of snope. close to three feet in portions of connecticut. it is it impressive snow totals. 30 inches in long island and new york city close to a foot. many people can't get their cars out from parlegal parking on the streetings is it the largest snowfall in new york city. amm areings getting significant snowfall. boston it is it still snowing. wee could have record-setting snowfall . seeing significant forecast out there. portland, maine 29.3 inches. thises the newest record as far as
out -- about the ideal. -- about the ordeal. she had reconstructive surgery in england this weekend and doctors say say she is making great progress. >> i am alive. i can see you. i could see everyone. today, i am getting better day by day. >> she used this ordeal to set up an education fund for young girls. doctors say she is expected to fully recover. she is wise beyond her years. >> absolutely. >> coming up at noon, it does not look like much now but this skull was one of the most powerful men in england. we will tell you who belongs to and a very odd place where it was found. >> in an effort to rebuild after hurricane sandy one key player is suggesting to people not to rebuild. why new york is looking to reclaim. >> death of an american woman traveling abroad in turkey. >> here is a live look outside where we are getting ready potential for more snow. jacqui jeras will tell >> you are watching abc 7 news at noon with scott thuman and cynne simpson. this is abc 7 news at noon. on your side. >> officials in turkey have finished an autopsy on an american tourist who went missing in
a blizzard watch right now. new england might get buried up there. let's get started with the time lapse, this is from clark county high school. a high level of cloudiness this morning, but that cleared out and it turned into a beautiful day. upper 40's and load for -- lower 50's, and it will stay clear and chilly through the nighttime hours tonight. 39 at lexington park. 49 and 34 for the high and low today, 45 and 30 are the averages. the record five years ago was 74 degrees. down to 33 in hagerstown already, 42 at reagan national. a cold air is well entrenched across the great lakes. a coastal system develops, all the ingredients come together for a major winter storm, but not for us. for new england coastal canada everything is coming together. all the atmospherics needed to generate a big storm. these two will get their act together and develop of the care of -- off the carolina coast. the effects on us will be finge effects. maybe a little wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain early friday morning. here is the way the futurecast looks. high pressure bleeding out tomorrow, easterly
and in new england where the center of the storm is coming near nova scotia. what happens after this? forecast just ahead. >> we are monitoring the recovery and tonight we're live from rosedale where they're holding a fund-raiser for young dakota. >> 7-year-old dakota is well on the way to recovery. >> thank you, everybody. i love you guys. >> that's dakota. he's enjoying all the people who came to support him today. he has had a difficult to and have -- two and a half months. and a number procedures at johns hopkins hospital. he even went back to jim class. >> when i went and saw him in the e.r. i never would have expected this, you know? now to look at him and see that he will be able to play sports again, it's just incredible. >> dakota may have some difficulty growing some hair back but otherwise there are no long-term physical impacts. the benefit is now are just now getting out and 350 people here, all of the money is going straight to his medical expenses. >> please some eastern shore and try and find the person responsible for the stabbing to death of a college student. the u
was to the south of us today. on the radar now you can see that moisture is pulled up more toward new england. they are getting snow out of this. it isn't very strong and it's far away from us we are not too concerned with it. >> sun broke out to the west. we'll see plenty of clouds tonight. the pattern is set up we're in the right groove so to speak. >> congress returns to the capital this week after a week long vacation coming back to a huge fiscal debate. before congress resumes the fight over the sequester, they are trying to avoid across the board cuts. >> the nation's governors, republican and democrat alike are calling on washington to disarm the ticking time bomb known as the sequester cuts. >> the uncertainty of sequestration is harming our states. >> if congress can't agree on some big spending cuts, automatic across the board spending cuts will slash the military and defense budgets. >> wem that sequestration was originally designed by both the administration and congress as something so repel nt that it would force both sides to a compromise. >> right now the chances are not looki
more snow for new england. there is some rain to the south of us guess what? a new one is developing in the mountains. it will be coming into the plains and repeating the procedure. so we've got some interesting weather over the next few days. forecast is just ahead. >> tonight, we're following a developing story of daytona were a crash injured 33 fans. >> this was unbelievable. the 480 turns at daytona turned disasters, showcasing the horror or high speed crashes. the drivers are well protected. but if it reaches the stands, it to be terrifying. the 32 car went airborne and broke in half. more than 30 suffered injuries. tonight's race was the undercard for sunday's daytona 500. >> who's going to get here first? >> it was the final turn and the checkered flag lap of the copd 300 in daytona. the number 32 car, driven by a 20-year-old, airborne, careening into the catch offense designed to protect the crowd heard . debris including tires and the engine flew into the grandstand. medical personnel rushed to the stands attending to the spectators. >> we transported 14 people of the proper
not expected to move. >> there's a new man in town. the next bank of england governor mark carney faces lawmaker easy here in the uk with investigators keen to get his read on the outlook of the economy. >>> new money below expectations, although the stock is trading higher. >> and the falling yen helping to keep sony in the game. the playstationmaker plans to stay in the game. >> you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >> all right. welcome to today's program. we've got extended programming today because of the bank of england and ecb rates. it's not the "worldwide exchange" program -- are you involved, still? you've got a long day ahead. >> if you like your business news -- >> if you like your central bank meeting, which come on. >> and here is the thing. i was talking about it earlier in the week. is it just questions dense that mark carney is giving testimony while the bank of england is sitting down to decide upon the rate policy? that seems weird to me. >> but even if it happens on the state or what have you, just understates what th
.s., specifically new england and to the northeast here. it's going to be a very rough go. there are several ingredients on the table. it is going to be horrible travel conditions. this is horrible weather here. we have first down here towards the south, this storm system continuing to push off here towards the east. that is going to be pulling in all this warm air, all of this moisture in from the gulf of mexico. meanwhile look off towards the north. this high pressure over portions of new england into quebec, that is just an arctic air mass that has been sitting here, even feeling for this system bringing snowfall into portions of michigan and across the great lakes. while going into friday, this system down here towards the south is going to be working its way off here towards the north. then friday evening that is going to start to interact with the systems in and across portions of quebec and new england. as they come together it's going to create a strong nor'easter and that will create rough travel conditions. 40 centimeters of snowfall and isolated areas could see higher than that, e
. preparations under way for a potentially history-making snowstorm. along the eastern seaboard up to new england, it's happening the way the worst of them happen. two storms coming together, joining forces, blizzard warnings are posted across a wide area. 50 million americans in the path of this one before it's all over. we have two reports tonight, ron mott in waltham, mass, meteorologist jim cantore in boston. ron, first to you. good evening. >> reporter: brian, good evening to you. there was a big rush on this store earlier today. they're expecting more people tonight and in the morning as they head in to pick up things like shovels, batteries, flashlights, gas cans, ahead of what could be a top-ten winter storm of all-time. as the storm barrels eastward today, it dumped a lot of snow in places like madison, wisconsin and chicago where they're confused. >> one day it's 60, the next day 20. but we're used to it. we can handle it, we're tough. >> reporter: but folks in the northeast whose mettle is about to be tested for the first time in years after an unusually mild and dry winter last season
england this weekend. again, not a lot. the big story is the cold that's returning. middle of february. we have had a break. this little arctic blast. wind chill is now minus-three in minneapolis. bundle up. so, winter returns to the east this weekend. especially saturday. the whole western half of the country is gorgeous and warm but it's the eastern half that will get the cold blast and some light snow as we go up towards new england. this is not a blockbuster event. it looks like about two to four inches for eastern new england and about an inch or two around the new york city area. saturday to saturday night time frame for a little bit of snow. weekend forecast, rain this morning and the cold in the northern plains. rain there in florida. saturday, weak storm in new england. but look at how beautiful it is throughout the entire southern half of the country by the time we get to sunday and the southeast. will slowly begin to warm up. >>> let's turn to sports now and the nba. in oklahoma city a rematch of last year's nba finals. thunder trying to prove they can beat lebron and the heat.
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